Billie Joe Armstrong is one of my favorite rockers of all time. I had a big crush on him when Green Day first came out. So I was obviously over the moon with excitement when it was announced Green Day was coming to Korea! I ended up buying the tickets with a friend, and our seats weren't really that good, but we were just happy we even got tickets!

I was so surprised to see so many people at the Olympic Gym. It was almost sold-out, 11,000 tickets! There were some young kids in the crowd, which made me wonder if they were even born when Green Day first came out! LOL! 


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snow day

The first working day of 2010 and it snows.

It doesn't just snows... it SNOWS... 17 cm of snow in a few hours = horrendous traffic jams.

Guess we were still lucky that our plane managed to land early. The bad part was we were stuck inside the airport bus to Seoul for 4 1/2 hours because of traffic. It usually takes only 1 1/2 hours!

Jeez. I am officially sick of snow.

Especially when it's over a foot high.

Bracing myself for below zero temps all through the week. It's gonna be so freaking cold.

meet my Christmas tree

It seems only appropriate that the year that I'm celebrating Christmas in Korea is the same year I get a Christmas tree (thanks to AK!).

I love the purple Christmas balls!

Funny though how the delivery guy left it outside the door... I was shocked to see it blocking the door! It's BIG!

I don't feel that bad not going home for Christmas, maybe it's just that I have a lot of Christmas stuff going on! And yeah, i'll be home for New Year though!

Ooohhh and I just read the forecast for Christmas day... it's going to be a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! Yay!

a V6 experience

I know I haven't posted in ages... I've had a ton of work... and yeah, I guess it's true that when you're busy with real life stuff, you tend to neglect blogs (but not Twitter! :P).

I'm happy to report that I've watched my third Johnny's-related concert! Let's recap: Arashi in 2006 & 2008, Kanjani8 in 2008... and now V6 in 2009! Not bad.

Initially, I booked tickets to see V6 ... it wasn't that hard to book tickets on Gmarket, and I even got a pretty good seat. But then I got free tickets to watch the V6 concert... Yay! So I ended up canceling the ticket (the 113,000 won would be better spent on new winter clothes! Hahaha!) and dragged Pao to go see V6, even though she had no idea who they were!

On Sunday, we went to Olympic Hall, Olympic Park... it was FREEZING COLD... and all the autumn leaves were gone *weeps* Surprisingly, there was no line at all for the concert goods. And there wasn't even a lot, just uchiwas, posters, photo set and a concert booklet. So I just got my Junichi Okada uchiwa and we headed inside the concert hall. Once inside, they gave us these cool 3D glasses! So cool!

When we got inside the concert venue... I was really happy we got seats in the middle section. It had such a good view of the stage!

The 3D opening part was really really COOL. I have to say, V6 really pulled out all the stops. I guess to make the concert worth it! The visual effects were awesome, plus the stage was moving... it was sort of like an elevated puzzle, some parts going up and others going down. Kind of hard to explain.

I liked how the V6 guys got on carts and walked along the aisles (just like what Arashi did in the past)... it was so much fun to see them walk around and touch the fans! Junichi was so nice, touching all the fans so much. Guess he's not scared of H1N1? I would have run over to touch him except I'm so paranoid of the flu virus. :P

I have to admit I was kind of skeptical if the V6 concert would be fun, especially since I'm not a die-hard fan.. but it was FUN!!! Their songs are really nice and perky, and they can sing and dance really well. And man, for 30-something guys they can dance and do backflips!

My favorite part was when the ceiling lit up with blue lights. So pretty.

During the MC... Junichi said that Sho asked him to bring back some kimchi! Hahaha! I guess Sho loves his kimchi! Anyway, I just have to say Junichi is really handsome! But Inocchi is so charming and funny. The other members are funny too, teasing each other and stuff.

I guess this V6 concert proved that Johnny's concerts are really the most fun! ^_^v Even if you're not so much a fan, you will end up becoming a fan again!

it's Chuseok...

And I forgot to buy some songpyeon aka half-moon shaped rice cakes!

These are the five-color songpyeon from the RiceCakeMuseum demo last week. These look really pretty and yummy!

Happy Chuseok (Thanksgiving) everyone! And don't forget to make a wish on the full moon!