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seeing sassy girl

Just got back from the Blood preview.

This will be a really quick post!

Okay.... Jun Ji-hyun aka Gianna Jun is extremely PRETTY! And tall! Those legs! Now, I want to rewatch My Sassy Girl, the original one, not the crappy Hollywood version.

But as for Blood?

It was too bloody and violent for me. And I couldn't understand half of what it was about. I kept going... "what the hell is happening?"

BUT I would say this much... Gianna (feels funny calling her that) kicked ass! And her English was better than I expected. She was even better than the Japanese actress Koyuki. However, the bunch of B-list or C-list actors in supporting roles made me cringe.

Maybe fans of the anime would love it, but I would not pay to watch this at all.
Tags: kpop star, movie, star spotting, work
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